FAMILY ANCESTRY: For almost a quarter of a century, Bill has been researching his family tree. He has traced the family name Griggs all the way back to England in 1436. He has some famous early relatives: One was a signer of the Declaration Of Independence, almost a dozen who fought in the American Revolution, three that founded American towns that still exist today, One who founded a boy's school that eventually became the University Of Pittsburgh, one who was the oldest still-practicing doctor when he died, two U.S. Senators, one who owned two railways and built a town that bares his name, and much more. The Griggs Mansion is Minnesota's most famous haunted house! As the librarian of the thousands of family pictures taken through the years, all of this keeps him very busy.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: Still, it is in the world of music that Bill Griggs has accomplished the most. If you are interested, you can click the link below to see a list of the major important events in Bill’s life pertaining to music.



Bill and Sharon Griggs in 2004. Formal portrait taken on board during a cruise.

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