William Frederick Griggs was born in Hartford, Connecticut on June 17, 1941. Both of his parents were professional musicians and this seemed to provide the "seed" which furnished the initial impetus for his interest in music. He and his mother shared the same birthday (See “The Bill Griggs Story”).


Bill, as he would rather be called, grew up during the 1950's rock 'n' roll era. He attended numerous live stage shows during that period, met and befriended many artists of the day including the best-known DJ of the era, Alan Freed. He's retained most of the autographs and other collectibles he received from that era, along with vivid memories of the events. (He doesn’t know how he does it, but Bill can remember insignificant things from his past such as where he was sitting during a particular concert. This has helped him with his articles and stories that were to come.)


He's still an avid record collector of 1950's music with an avaricious interest researching the career of Buddy Holly and the Crickets, which also includes all of West Texas rock 'n' roll music. His vast record collection includes numerous songs that are no longer being played on the majority of "oldies" radio stations. He published Reminiscing and Rockin’ 50s magazines for a thirty year run.



1968 (March 8): Began part-time mail order business pertaining to the sales of 1950's memorabilia that included records, photos, autographs, books, posters, and many other collectibles. This became full-time in 1979 and allowed him to begin seriously researching the 1950's music era the same year.


1975: He founded the international Buddy Holly Memorial Society, operating under a license from the Buddy Holly estate. In 1991, after fifteen years of operation, the BHMS had members in 50 states and 34 foreign countries. The total membership exceeded 5500 people. Bill was proud of all the friends he made worldwide.


1976: Began publishing Reminiscing newsletter, the official publication of the Buddy Holly Memorial Society, that was dedicated to the music and memory of Buddy Holly. After the first five years, it was transformed into a full-fledged magazine and became the Buddy Holly publication for all Holly fans. Between the magazine and the international Buddy Holly Memorial Society, Bill Griggs soon became a repository for all Buddy Holly and West Texas-related information, coming from the fans.


1978: Was invited to the world premiere of the movie The Buddy Holly Story and was also asked to help with the advertising of same.


1978: Produced the very first Buddy Holly convention where Bill Griggs reunited Buddy Holly's famous group, the Crickets. They performed on stage, the very first time they have all performed together as a group since 1957. The conventions then became an annual affair.


1979: Produced a licensed four-track record (BHMS 100) from the Crickets' reunion performance at the first BHMS convention.


1979: Helped produce the Buddy Holly segment of the Connecticut television special Tell It to The Valley, and was subsequently interviewed for that program.


1979: Helped The Mad Hatter produce the 1979 Buddy Holly tribute concert and events held at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa (site of Buddy Holly's final performance). This has since become an annual affair attracting a world-wide  audience. It is a sellout every year.


1979: Worked closely with friend and author John Goldrosen to revise/update his book Buddy Holly - His Life And Music which was subsequently published by Quick Fox as The Buddy Holly Story.


1979: Helped produce the acclaimed PBS television documentary Buddy Holly - Reminiscing, the first Buddy Holly documentary for television.


1981: Moved his family to Lubbock, Texas, hometown of Buddy Holly, to pursue his research pertaining to Holly, the Crickets, and West Texas music in general.


1982: Provided research and a photo for the ABC network's 20/20 program on Waylon Jennings. Received an on-screen credit.


1983: Helped produce the Buddy Holly segment of an HBO television special When The Music's Over.


1983: Along with his co-author Jim Black, published the reference book Buddy Holly - A Collectors Guide, listing all known records (domestic and worldwide) released by Buddy Holly, the Crickets, and associated artists, along with a complete master list, release dates, and so on.


1984: Received an official gold record award from MCA Records for his help in the release of the Buddy Holly album For The First Time Anywhere. He also co-wrote the liner notes.


1985: Helped to produce the English documentary Buddy Holly for the Arena television program in conjunction with MPL (Paul McCartney) and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). A re-edited version became the video, The Real Buddy Holly Story.


1985 (July 10): Was honored by the Holley family when asked to be a pallbearer for Lawrence Odell Holley, the father of Buddy Holly.


1985: Terminated Reminiscing magazine in favor of Rockin' 50s magazine and all readers were switched to the new publication which was published through 2005, a total publishing run of thirty years..


1986: With partners Rob Gamble and Randy Smith, they co-produced the week-long Lubbock Music Festival which included a five-hour "Budfest" concert. The artists who performed at that concert included Carl Perkins, Del Shannon, Bo Diddley, Buddy Knox, the Crickets, Bobby Vee, and Sonny Curtis, among others. Bill Kerns, Entertainment editor of the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal newspaper stated this was the best rock ‘n’ roll concert in Lubbock, Texas since the 1950s!


1986: Helped produce and provided most of the still pictures used for the Cinemax television special The Real Buddy Holly Story.


1987: Founded and co-produced (with partners Rob Gamble & Randy Smith) the Clovis (New Mexico) Music Festival and was the MC for the concert. The artists included Bobby Vee, Buddy Knox, Sherry Holley, the Lone Star Blues Band, and others.


1987: Helped produce a commercial videotape The Real Buddy Holly Story that was edited from the 1986 Cinemax special.


1987: Peggy Sue, the woman immortalized in Buddy Holly's celebrated song, conducted her very first in-depth public interview with Bill Griggs who then published the interview in three parts in his Rockin' 50s magazine. Subsequently, he published a souvenir booklet containing that complete interview (but with additional photos) in 1988. Peggy Sue and Bill have become good friends.


1988: Helped produce and provided majority of pictures for acclaimed PBS documentary Buddy Holly And The Crickets - A Tribute starring Kris Kristofferson (host), the Crickets, Carl Perkins, Brian Setzer, Marshal Crenshaw, the Jordanaires, Don McLean, Buddy Knox, Duane Eddy, Bobby Vee, Sweethearts Of The Rodeo, the Rockin' Ricochettes, and John Fogerty of CCR.


1988: Helped produce and appeared in the Buddy Holly segment for the television documentary De Wereld Van Boudewijn Buch that aired in Holland. A translation of the title is The World Of Boudewijn Buch. The interview in this special with Mrs Ella Holley, mother of Buddy Holly, was the last time she appeared on film before her death.


1988: Co-produced the 2nd Clovis Music Festival which included a parade, car show, and street dance. Was also  concert MC which included Carl Perkins, Sonny Curtis, & others. After these first two years, the Festival was then turned over to local Clovis people who continued to operate it as an annual event.


1989: Was interviewed by Kathy Suchy and Bob Adams on their Lubbock, Texas TV show Faces And Places. Bill  Griggs later stated this was one of the best interviews he ever did. Kathy Suchy was well prepared and the relaxed atmosphere made them all laugh and have a good time, and still get the information across to the viewers.


1990: Acted as MC for the Summer Dance Party concert held at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa. The acts included the Crickets (Buddy Holly’s group) and Lesley Gore (The first female entertainer to perform at that venue). He also was Miss Gore's escort during the time she was in Iowa.


1990: Was invited by ex-Beatle Paul McCartney to attend his annual Buddy Holly Birthday celebration in New York City (the first time it was held in America) with all expenses paid by MPL. Bill Griggs was also asked to serve as the official tour guide and chaperon for the three winners of a special Buddy Holly competition held in conjunction with that party. [The contest was run in Bill Griggs’ Rockin’ 50s magazine.]


1990: Helped produce a live television special titled Buddy Holly - A Special Report for the Nostalgia Television Network during premiere of the Broadway play Buddy: The Buddy Holly Story in New York City. Working with Jon Bauman ("Bowser" of Sha Na Na) who was on location, Bill Griggs was present in the Alexandria, Virginia studios during the live satellite feed from New York, providing their on-air info and commentary segments between satellite feed periods.


1990: Helped produce and appeared in a special documentary Buddy Holly - The Legend (Where Did The Music Come From?) for the Nostalgia Television network in Alexandria, Virginia. Vi Petty and Jack Neal also appeared in this special.


1990 (May 22): Was honored by the Holley family when asked to be a pallbearer for Ella Pauline Holley, the mother of Buddy Holly. Bill had a special relationship with Mrs. Holley, whom he called his surrogate grandmother. She called Bill many times to come and visit and they’d talk about many things, not just Buddy Holly, just as if you were visiting your own grandmother. Bill misses her very much.


1991: Acted as MC for Winter Dance Party concert in Clear Lake, Iowa. The performing acts included Carl Perkins, Jack Scott, Wanda Jackson, and the Sun Rhythm Section, among others.


1991: Helped produce the special documentary The Day The Music Died for the Nostalgia Television Network in Alexandria, Virginia.


1993: Acted as MC for Winter Dance Party concert in Clear Lake, Iowa. Acts included Paul Waters (Buddy Holly impersonator), the Rockin' Ricochettes, Bobby Vee, Frankie Ford, the Crickets (Buddy Holly’s group), Mike Berry, Sonny Curtis, Jason D. Williams (Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator), among others.


1993: Helped produce the special segment of the BBC television documentary titled Six Songs. (The segment was Buddy Holly/Peggy Sue).


1993: Helped to produce and acted as consultant for city of Lubbock, Texas with their plans to generate a full-day celebration on June 16th to commemorate the release by the U.S. Postal Service of the Buddy Holly stamp (part of their rock 'n' roll series). Also gave the keynote speech for the celebration pertaining to all of those honored on the stamps and their “connections” to West Texas.


1994: Published the reference book A "Who's Who" Of West Texas Rock 'n' Roll Music listing mini-bios and photos for almost 100 music artists and groups from the West Texas area during the 1950s and early 1960s. This went out of print and was republished with an updated version in 2002.


1994: Acted as co-host for Winter Dance Party concert in Clear Lake, Iowa. Performers included the Crickets, Niki Sullivan, Tommy Allsup, Narvel Felts, the Fireballs, Don McLean, the Whitesidewalls, Gene Vincent's Bluecaps, Jason D. Williams (Jerry Lee Lewis impersonator), Ritchie Valens' "Donna", and Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue", among many others.


1994: During the Winter Dance Party concert, Griggs was the recipient of another gold record award for his continuing music research.


1994: Gave the induction speeches for his friends Buddy Knox ("Party Doll") and Virgil Johnson (of the Velvets - "Tonight Could Be The Night") when they were inducted into the West Texas Walk Of Fame. Also gave keynote speech at the special indoor reception that preceded the outdoor induction ceremony.


1995: Received another gold record award from MCA Records for “Bill Griggs persevering and continuing to promote and preserve the music and memory of Lubbock’s Buddy Holly”. This one was very special to Bill.


1995: Published a reference book titled Buddy Holly - His Songs And Interviews with all the technical information pertaining to 154 songs, 9 radio promos and jingles, 11 live performances, and a word-for-word transcription of all known interviews.


1995: Helped produce the Antique Coin-operated Machine And Trade Show in Dallas, Texas and booked their special guests: Peggy Sue and Donna, the Sweethearts of Song (immortalized by Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens); and Sam Logan, owner of Buddy Holly's very first electric guitar.


1996: Was the primary consultant and provided many of the pictures for the book Buddy Holly - A Biography by Ellis Amburn. (Bill Griggs has since disavowed this book after seeing what appeared in final print.)


1995: Began writing a regular column about Buddy Holly in Lubbock Magazine, a monthly publication about culture and the arts in the City.


1996: Helped produce, arrange interviews, and provided most still pictures for Antelope Production's British television documentary about Buddy Holly titled Without Walls - Not Fade Away. Also appeared in two segments.


1996: A group photo, that included Bill Griggs, appeared on the cover of Jukebox Collector, an international magazine. Also in that photo was Peggy Sue Gerron (Buddy Holly), Donna Fox (Ritchie Valens), and Sam Logan who owns Buddy Holly’s first electric guitar.


1996: Was the primary consultant and provided many of the pictures for the British biography Rave On - Buddy Holly by world-renowned author, Philip Norman.


1996: Was the MC for the Hub City Cruzers [car club] Memorial Concert featuring Peggy Sue, the woman Buddy Holly immortalized in song. Concert featured the Picks, the Roses, Terry Noland, and the Fireballs. Special guest was Echo McGuire, Buddy's high school girlfriend. Though another 1950's-style concert took place at the same time in Lubbock, this one had better attendance.


1996: Was a consultant and provided much source material and many of the pictures for the book Memories Of Buddy Holly by Jim Dawson.


1996: Published the book The Evolution And Decline Of 1950's Rock 'n' Roll Music that explained where the music came from, and what ended the era, all with dated explanations and many pictures.


1997: Wrote the liner notes for the Jay Richardson CD, the son of the Big Bopper.


1997: Published book one of a five-part reference series Buddy Holly - Day By Day (volume one - 1936 to 1956). Books two through five of this series continued being published during 1997 and 1998. (This booklet series being the result of seven year’s research.)


1998: Was a consultant and provided much source material and pictures for the book The Day The Music Died by Larry Lehmer.


1998: Wrote the liner notes for the reissue of the commercial videotape The Real Buddy Holly Story, distributed by White Star Productions.


1998: Completed publishing of the five-volume series of reference work Buddy Holly - Day By Day, the result of seven year's research. A review in an English Buddy Holly magazine took two entire pages!


1998: Helped produce, was interviewed for, and provided most of the pictures for the E! Entertainment program Mysteries and Scandals.


1998: Was asked to become part of the induction committee for the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame And Museum, located in Sharon, Pennsylvania. Bill Griggs proudly accepted this on-going responsibility.


1998:    Returned to broadcasting and his copyrighted "School Of Rock 'n' Roll" program, with a 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. weekday shift on KDAV Radio in Lubbock, Texas. Also hosted the grand opening party for KDAV Radio held on August 18th.


1998: Broke a copyrighted story in issue #43 of his Rockin’ 50s magazine about the Big Bopper making the first actual music videos in 1958 (and calling them that), previously thought to have been Ricky Nelson with “Traveling Man” in 1961.


1998: Helped with, and was interviewed for, September Films' UK television production The Final Day, pertaining to Buddy Holly.


1998: Helped with, and was interviewed for, the VH1 special The Day The Music Died, pertaining to the plane crash that killed Buddy Holly, the Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens on February 3, 1959. (This 90-minute special has received rave reviews and is still being repeated.)


1999: Began publishing his seven-booklet series of The Rock 'n' Roll Era - Day By Day, a project that has been in preparation for the past eight years. The final volume of this massive 600-page manuscript is scheduled for completion in the year 2002. (Three volumes were ultimately published during this uncompleted project.)


1999: On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, Bill Griggs went on the air at KDAV Radio and announced the death of his very good friend, Buddy Knox, who had died at 1:30 p.m. Central Time. His announcement was done at 3:00 p.m. and scooped the entire world. The first network news reports about Knox’s death came the following day.


1999: Was interviewed for a segment of the History Channel’s program Lost And Found pertaining to Buddy Holly’s glasses.


1999: Bill Griggs’ Internet website was created and went online. It is still operating today.


1999: Helped the Lubbock Convention and Visitor’s Bureau plan their Fanfare and their Flashback concert.


1999: Was the MC for the five-and-a-half hour Flashback concert in Lubbock, Texas that featured Rockin’ Robin, Chris Montez, Virgil Johnson (of the Velvets), the Drifters (with Charlie Thomas), Freddy “Boom Boom” Cannon, Big Bopper Junior, and the Coasters (with Carl Gardner). Bill Griggs also did live interviews with most of these artists on his program at KDAV radio.


1999: Helped with and was interviewed for the BBC Wales television special with Owen Money titled Not Fade Away.


1999: The name of Bill Griggs, among others, was enshrined on a marble plaque inside the brand new Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock, Texas.


2000: Was hired by the Buddy Holly estate as a consultant to visit MCA Records in Los Angeles, listen to all their Holly tapes, and explain when and where each was recorded and what artists are performing on each song and/or version. This allowed the various estates and MCA Records to get their written records in order.


2000: Was contracted by the Buddy Holly Museum in Lubbock to produce a new exhibit The Early Buddy Holly. Many of Griggs’ personal Buddy Holly items were loaned for this six-month display.


2000: Broke a copyrighted story in issue #55 of his Rockin’ 50s magazine that the 1958 Chevrolet in Lubbock, alleged to have previously been Buddy Holly’s car, actually wasn’t. (It was after five months intensive research that the story was ultimately published.)


2001: Participated with creative help, pictures, and interviews for many segments of Jerry Naylor’s proposed upcoming DVD set The Legends Of Rockbilly.


2001: Gave the induction speech for his good friends the Fireballs for their induction into the Buddy Holly Walk Of Fame (formerly the West Texas Walk Of Fame).


2002: Was the emcee for the Rocktoberfest three-day rock ‘n’ roll concert in Palm Springs, California that drew a total of 90,000 people. Artists performing included: Jay Siegal (of the Tokens), Frankie Ford, The Drifters with Charlie Thomas, Big Bopper Jr., The Coasters, Tommy Roe, Chris Montez, Dee Dee Kenniebrew (of the Crystals), and Shirley Alston Reeves (of the Shirelles).


2002: Published his new and updated A "Who's Who" Of West Texas Rock 'n' Roll Music, a completely revised edition of his 1994 book, long out of print.


2002: Was part of the Biographer’s Panel during Buddy Holly Week in Lubbock.


2003: Launched the first of his out-of-print books in CD-ROM format. Buddy Holly - His Songs And Interviews was released in this new searchable format.


2003: Announced that next year would be the final year for publishing Rockin’ 50s magazine, marking 30 years that he had been publishing Reminiscing and Rockin’ 50s.


2003: Participated in the special Big Bopper video special titled Chantilly Lace - The True Story Of J.P. Richardson.


2003: Was invited to participate in a Buddy Holly seminar for the Rock 'n' Roll Hall Of Fame in Cleveland. On the panel was John Goldrosen, Wanda Jackson, Maria Elena Holly, and Bill Pinkney of the original 1953 Drifters.


2003 (July 21): Received the “Best Of West Texas” award from the West Texas Music Hall Of Fame.


2004: Although he has had his autobiography My First Fifty Years in his computer for some time, he has recently begun updating and paginating this for a future CD-Rom release. Instead of just his first fifty years as originally planned, Bill wants to completely update it to present time.


2004: Was asked to speak at the funeral of his longtime friend, Niki Sullivan, one of the original Crickets.


2004: Gave the induction speech and made the official presentation for J.P. Richardson (The Big Bopper) being inducted into the Texas Country Music Hall Of Fame.


2004: Was moderator for the Aftermath panel during Buddy Holly Week in Lubbock. Panelists were Tommy Allsup, Carl Bunch, and John Mueller.


2005: Named to the Board Of Advisors for the Texas Musicians Museum.


2005: Was interviewed for the British television program Dead Famous, along with Jack Neal and Travis Holley. Bill Griggs was dissatisfied with the finished program.


2005: Completed official screenplay for Hellooo Baby, The Big Bopper Story upon formal request from the Richardson family (widow and son of the Big Bopper).


2005: Was Associate Producer for the DVD/CD set from Universal Music in England titled “The Music Of Buddy Holly And The Crickets -The Definitive Story.


2005: Hosted the FanFare event at the request of the Clovis Music Festival.


2005 (March): Published the final issue of “Rockin’ 50s” magazine, bringing 30 years of publishing “Reminiscing” and “Rockin’ 50s” magazines to a close.


2005: Appeared in national television infomercial for the 2DVD/12CD set of The Rockabilly Legends, along with Kris Kristofferson, Wink Martindale, and others.


2005: Was part of Jerry Naylor’s multiple DVD/CD release of The Rockabilly Legends - A Tribute to My Friends, appearing in almost every segment of the DVDs.


2006: Was narrator/emcee for the video/slide show, then the two concerts for the Fireballs Reunion Shows at Raton, New Mexico. This became the last concert performed by the late Chuck Tharp, their original vocalist. Sharon Griggs filmed this historical concert and Bill and Sharon Griggs produced a double DVD set of the concert, a legitimate release, all royalties paid.


2006: Hosted the Jack Neal And Friends special concert at the Cactus Theater in Lubbock, Texas.


2006: Produced and wrote the liner notes for the double DVD set of the Fireballs.


2006: Gave speech in Beaumont for the Texas Historical Commission for special state plaque to be placed at the grave of the Big Bopper.



2007: (March 6) Was a pall bearer for J.P. Richardson, the Big Bopper, for his reburial, after the body had been exhumed and moved to a new site at the cemetery. Was also present at the casket opening.


2007: Helped with the production of the commercial DVD from Universal Music in England titled “Rock ‘n’ Roll Is Born - The Story Of Rock Around The Clock”.


2008: (June 4) Received plaque and certificate from West Texas Music Hall Of Fame as Special Recognition for research and writing about West Texas Music for more than thirty years.


2008 (September 29): Was honored by the Holley family when asked to be a pallbearer for Patricia Holley Kaiter, sister of Buddy Holly.


2008: Wrote the liner notes for the Buddy Holly tribute CD for Pat DiNizio of the Smithereens. The CD debuted at the Buddy Holly 50th anniversary tribute at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa, in 2009.


2009 (February): Helped MCA-Universal with their production of the 3-CD set, B0011337-03, “Buddy Holly - Memorial Collection” released this date.


2009 (March): Helped MCA-Universal with their production of the 2-CD set, B0011675-02, “Buddy Holly - Down The Line, The Rarities” released this date.


2009 (Feb-Sep): Was co-curator for “The Last Tour” exhibit in the Texas Musicians Hall Of Fame at the Buddy Holly Center. This exhibit featured some never-before-seen artifacts including Buddy’s overnight bag that survived the 1959 plane crash, which had been loaned for display by its owner, Bill Griggs..


2009: Was MC of the courtyard concert at the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock featuring Jack Neal, Gary & Ramona Tollett, Larry Welborn, Sherry Holley performing, and Larry Holley, Travis Holley, Randy Holley, Eddie Weir, Tinker Carlin, and Ingrid Kaiter in the audience, all related to or had performed with Buddy Holly.


2009 (November): Was the consultant for the MCA-Universal Buddy Holly 6-CD box set “Not Fade Away”, released this date. Also helped with the graphics.


2010: Bill was asked to be on the board of directors for the Buddy Holly Guitar Foundation and on their website, they made hin honorary director.


2010 (September 30): Bill Griggs was inducted into the West Texas Walk Of Fame (formerly the Buddy Holly Walk Of Fame) located at the base of the Buddy Holly statue. Randy Steele provided the introduction, Jack Neal (first person to perform in public with Buddy Holly) and  his band provided the music following. They were also joined by George Tomsco (founder and lead guitarist for the Fireballs). The ceremony took place at 6:30 p.m. This was the highlight of his then 42 years of work and research.


2010 (November): The book (part 1 of 3) Dancing As If There’s No Tomorrow: The Final Tour Of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. ‘The Big Bopper’ Richardson by Ryan Vandergriff was published. Bill Griggs was a consultant for this book and is quoted throughout.


2010 (November): Unedited reading copy of Hey Buddy by Gary W. Moore was published. Bill Griggs received an entire chapter in the book.


2010 (December): The 6-CD Buddy Holly box set and book from MCA-Universal Music (see November 2009) that Bill Griggs was a consultant for, was nominated for a Grammy award.





Bill Griggs produced eleven consecutive Buddy Holly Memorial Society conventions from 1978 and 1988, eight of which were held in Lubbock, Texas. The fans attended from worldwide to meet the various special guests that included most of the people who either knew or performed with Buddy Holly.


Throughout the years, Bill Griggs has become an accredited authority on 1950s rock 'n' roll music, and has become the authority on Buddy Holly and the Crickets. The list of interviews and/or credits in books, magazines and newspapers is too numerous to list. He's done many television and radio interviews on the subject and has helped with the production/release of, or has written liner notes for a plethora of various record albums, cassettes, and compact discs.


This also includes many appearances on ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN News; the E!, MTV and VH1 entertainment channels; Entertainment Tonight, Entertainment This Week, Inside Edition, and 20/20, etc., along with numerous appearances on Lubbock television. He also helped produce several Buddy Holly specials for BBC and MPL (Paul McCartney) Television in England.


                                                    UPCOMING PLANNED PROJECTS


BOOK: The family of J.P. Richardson asked Bill Griggs to produce and write the authorized biography of the Big Bopper. He was also asked to produce a screenplay for a proposed motion picture which he has now completed.


BOOK: The book Buddy Holly - A Collector's Guide by Bill Griggs and Jim Black, long out of print since publication in 1983, will be completely revised and updated.


MOTION PICTURE: Bill Griggs was asked to act as a technical consultant for an upcoming motion picture Chantilly Lace, the story about the life and times of the Big Bopper (J.P. Richardson) who died in the same plane crash with Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens in 1959.


MOTION PICTURE: Bill Griggs has been asked to be a consultant on a proposed motion picture on the life of Buddy Knox, famous for his #1 hit "Party Doll", because Griggs was good friends with the late singer.


TELEVISION DOCUMENTARY: Bill Griggs wrote the script and will be co-producer of the television documentary Runaway With Del Shannon, the story about this late rock 'n' roll artist who was also his friend.






                                            BOOK CONTRIBUTOR CREDITS (sample list)


And The Music Plays On -1995 (Brian Young - Del Shannon Appreciation Society)

Big Beat Heat (John Jackson - Schirmer) (Alan Freed biography)

Big Bopper - 30th Anniversary Memorial Series - Alan Clark (Alan Clark Productions)

Buddy Holly - A Biography (Ellis Amburn - St. Martin's Press)

Buddy Holly - From A to Z (Alan Mann - Norwich Print - UK) (also the updated and revised edition)

Buddy Holly Story, the (John Goldrosen - Quick Fox)

Buddy Holly - 30th Anniversary Memorial Series - Alan Clark (Alan Clark Productions)

Buddy - The Story Of Buddy Holly (Anne Bustard - Simon & Schuster [children’s book])

Dancing As If There’s No Tomorrow: The Final Tour Of Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J.P. ‘The Big Bopper’ Richardson (Ryan Vandergriff)

Day The Music Died, the (Larry Lehmer - Shirmer Books)

Gene Vincent - The Story Behind His Songs (Thierry Liesenfeld - Th. Liesenfeld Publishing - France)

Great Balls Of Fire (Myra Lewis - Hill & Range) (Jerry Lee Lewis biography)

Hey Buddy (Gary W. Moore - Savas Beatie)

History Of Rock, the (Orbis Publishing - UK) (a series)

Memories Of Buddy Holly (Jim Dawson - Big Nickel)

Official Price Guide To Collectible Rock Records (Randall Hill - House Of Collectibles)

Prairie Nights To Neon Lights - The Story Of Country Music In West Texas (Joe Carr/Alan Munde - Texas Tech Press)

Presleyana Price Guide (Osborne/Hamilton - O'Sullivan & Woodside) (a series)

Rave On (Philip Norman - England) (Buddy Holly biography)

Remembering Buddy (John Goldrosen/John Beecher - Penguin)

Ritchie Valens - The First Latino Rocker (Mendheim - Bilingual Press)

Ritchie Valens - 30th Anniversary Memorial Series - Alan Clark (Alan Clark Productions)

Rock And Roll Legends (Alan Clark - Leap Frog) (a booklet series)

Rock 'n' Roll Road Trip (A.M. Nolan - Pharos)

Rockin', Rollin', And Rappin' (Wayne Jones - Goldmine)

Whatever Happened To Peggy Sue (Peggy Sue Gerron) - Togi Publishing