The cover of the very first Rockin' 50s featured Alan Freed, one of Bill's music heroes.


ROCKIN' 50s MAGAZINE: Reminiscing was being published every other month and Bill decided he wanted to publish every month, so he established a new magazine Rockin' 50s, publishing on the odd month. He found he couldn't do two magazines all by himself and since the BHMS was about to be terminated, Bill decided to also discontinue Reminiscing and simply continue with Rockin' 50s which is still being published today.


Covering the entire spectrum of the 1950's era, his readers seemed to have liked what he was doing. The magazine was published on a fiscal year basis, that is, everyone renewed at the same time (helped Bill's bookkeeping). If someone first subscribed in the middle of a fiscal year, they received all issues already published that year and the rest as they were published. The magazine was truly international, going to many foreign countries. (Bill had announced that when the final issue for 2004 was published, he will retire from publishing the magazine. Thirty years of publishing is a long time and he has many other things he wants to accomplish.)


One of the more recent issues of Rockin' 50s magazine featured a very good friend of Bill's on the cover, the late Niki Sullivan, one of the original Crickets.

ROCKIN' 50s: This is no longer just the title of Bill’s magazine. It is the entire organization that leases photos to television and print media, furnishes information to various media for stories and obituaries of 1950's artists, helps authors with research for books and articles, and much more. It is also the domain name for this Website. If interested, the fees for these duties are very reasonable.