It took five years for Bill Griggs to complete his five booklet set Buddy Holly Day-By Day. Filled with dated facts and pictures, there is only about a dozen dates that Bill can not document where Buddy Holly was during his career!

BILL GRIGGS: Today, Bill is recognized around the world as an expert on 1950's rock 'n' roll music and an authority on Buddy Holly and the Crickets. His name is found in many books and other publications for assisting with research information, etc. He has also published many booklets pertaining to the era. His tour-de-force is the five booklet set Buddy Holly Day-By-Day [see link] in which he can tell you where Buddy Holly was just about every day of Buddy’s career. In 2004, with the computer age upon us, Bill and Sharon began producing CD-ROM Flipbooks [see link] of Bill’s works so the print versions will slowly fade into the sunset.



THE MEDIA: Bill Griggs can be seen on many television specials pertaining to the era. At this particular time, you might catch him on the 90-minute VH1 special titled The Day The Music Died and the E! Entertainment's special Mysteries And Scandals, both still being aired in reruns, along with a short bit on the History Channel's Lost And Found segment about Buddy Holly's glasses.

For two years, Monday through Friday evenings from 6:00 to 9:00, you could find Bill doing his 1950's program at KDAV Radio in Lubbock, Texas, including his copyrighted School Of Rock 'n' Roll segment. Although he left because he got too busy with other things, the station still broadcasts, in real time, on the Internet. You can reach them at <>.


An earlier picture of Bill with Ella and Lawrence Holley, parents of Buddy Holly. Bill became very close to Mrs. Holley and called her "His surrogate grandmother".