OTHER INTERESTS: Aside from the music, Bill has many other varied hobbies and interests. There are several fields of interest he is still very interested in:


Astronomy: Bill was an avid amateur astronomer, owned two big telescopes, and attended the University Of Connecticut majoring in Physics and Math but never graduated. He, along with other members of his Moonwatch team, were the last people on Earth to see the rocket casing of the Sputnik 1 satellite in orbit before it fell to Earth and burned up. (He still has the newspaper clipping about this.)

This picture of Bill and one of his telescopes was taken from the local newspaper when it ran as a first page story. Bill fully intended to be an astronomer when he entered college.

The JFK Assassination:
Bill has studied all the so-called facts of this horrible event, has many books and reports on the subject, talked to many people, and is convinced that it was a conspiracy and that Lee Harvey Oswald was, as Lee himself said, a "patsy". Don’t get Bill started on this subject, he’ll talk your ear off about it!


Drag Racing: Few are aware that Bill took an active interest in drag racing over a period from 1959 through 1975 winning 208 races. He raced two different vehicles and was a national record holder in 1962 and a national champion in 1975 (both for his class and for his eliminator bracket.)

Bill raced his 1956 Chevrolet from 1959 to 1967 winning 31 championships and setting 13 strip records. Notice at Orange Dragstrip in  Massachusetts, they still used a flagman to start the races.


From 1967 to 1975, Bill raced his 1957 Chevrolet wagon winning 9 championships and setting 7 strip records. He won his class and eliminator bracket with this car at the National Championships in 1971.